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How it works…

VREEMD is an online store and brick and mortar store where you’ll find a selection of unique contemporary artworks by local artists, designers, illustrators, architects and photographers. We select the best artwork we can find at an affordable price. When working with artists, we give them a healthy commission and untill sold the artwork will always remain their property. We do not "own" the artwork, we sell it on behalf of the artist. When unsold, we always return the entire edition to the artist at no cost to them. 

Our shop...

We're not only an online shop, we have a physical store in the centre of Amsterdam too. You will find most of our works there, and it is also our workshop and printlab. Besides our ready to hang framed artwork we also do custom handcrafted frames for artist and consumers in Amsterdam. You're welcome to visit us any time.

Delivered locally

We deliver prints and frames in Amsterdam, orders bigger than €250 are delivered free of charge in Amsterdam twice a month. You can aslo borrow our cargo bike if you have large frames that you cannot carry. Pickup at our store is always possible, and 3rd party shipping within the European Union is calculated when you buy online from us. 

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