Meet Leon & Ivar

Vreemd was founded to complement our business selling frames and graphics to retail and b2b customers. With a long history in framing and working at different companies for over 20 years we had a pretty good idea what we didn't want, so we set out to create a modern shop that is part gallery and part workshop. 

The most enjoyable part of working as a picture framer for so long is having seen lots of great art and happy customers. But art doesn't have to be expensive at all, and you don't have to be a collector or expert to know what you like. The whole idea of first going to a gallery or elsewhere and buying a print, and then having it framed did not make sense to us anymore. We're trying to combine that in one shopping experience. Not your typical dusty old framing shop, but a modern clean look with products that match that. 

After years designing and refining production, we figured why not open a store and sell directly to consumers. We combine the store with an online shop, because not everybody needs a physical store anymore.

In the store in Amsterdam you will find a large selection of our prints and photographs framed in a modern style hanging on the walls, because wel feel that this gives customers a better idea of what would look great in your home. A corner sample of a frame just doesn't give you the same impression we think. 


We feel that shopping for an artwork or frame should be a fun non-intimidating experience just like any other shop. Stop by in our store, or browse here to get started. 

See you in our store!

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