We've framed everything from original Rembrands to Picassos, and have worked with some of the biggest museums and art dealer in our country and worldwide. So you can be sure we know how to handle each artwork with the care it deserves, and are experts at making your art look its best. 




Our prints

We've printed reproductions and original editions for customers worldwide for 7 years now, and have the latest wide format printers in our shop. We use the best archival papers, raster image processing and ink technology. This gives a result so sharp and vibrant it often looks better than the original artwork. 

Pixels to paper

We don't really like the term giclée prints, technically all inkjets are giclée or applied ink.

It's easier to tell you exactly what we use to print, instead of using a technical term nobody understands or can fact check. 

    • We print high resolution up to 1200x2400dpi. 
    • 12 colours of pigment inks are used.
    • Our printers have over 30.000 nozzles, that's a lot of nozzles. 
    • We use the best archival quality acid free papers.
    • We profile each paper to our inkset, to ensure the best colour reproductions
    • X-rite hardware is used to verify colour accuracy. 

This gives a print that wil outlast most other printing methods or even litho's and screen prints, your work will last a lifetime and then some. 

The visual result is an image that is more vivid than an offset print, much like using real paints our pigment inks just look better. Deep blacks and bright colours are possible, as well as smooth neutral greys that are hard to reproduce on cheaper printers. 

Our Frames

Our frames are made and assembled in our shop, you're welcome to have a look at the process. We use quality sustainable woods where possible, acid free FSC papers and sell regular or museum UV filtering glass. 

But more importantly, we're skilled craftmen and take our time to make it look right. A lot of companies claim to offer the best, but we have the experience at the highest level to back it up.